Latin Grammys 2022 Awards: Top 10 Winners List

Here are the 10 notable winners. of Latin Grammys 2022

Redding Clean of the Year Miss Muchas - Christina Aguilera, Becky G, Nikki Nicole feat Nathy Peluso,

Album of the Year Set Aguilera - Christina Aguilera

Motomami - Rosalia [winner] Sanz - Alejandro Sanzliri wins Best Digital Album

Song of the Year A Veces Bien E Veces Mal - Pedro Capo,

Angela Alvarez [TII] received the New Member of the Year award

Nominated for Best Pop Vocal Album was We're No More Elle — Elsa and Mar

Air Serra Papa Gun Baloncito Viejo - Camilo, Jorge Luis Chachin, Andres Leal, Martin Velilla and Carlos Vives

The award for the best rock album of the year goes to Mojigata — Marilina Bartoldi