Lizzo invites Cardi B, Missy Elliott to the stage in Los Angeles

Two special guests took the stage at Lizzo's Friday night (November 18) concert at the Kia Forum in Inglewood, California.

Missy Elliott joined the singer on "Tempo" from Lizo's Cuz I Love You album, and Cardi B reunited with Lizo for their Hot 100 hit "Rumors."

MissyElliot after my face surprised us last night! Being on stage with you is a dream but knowing you is unimaginable!

My absolute icon! I love you 5EVA! Thanks!” Lizzo gushed on Twitter on Saturday.

In which she shared a heartwarming photo of the pair cuddling in a hug.

You are one of a kind Lizzo and I love watching you perform with so much stamina!!” Missy wrote back.

You are a star and the crowd loves you! Your humility and heart surpasses everything

I love you and I am humbly grateful to share the stage with you.

I'm a fan of Cardi B!" Lizzo also tweeted. "I've been following her since before Love and Hip Hop.