Most Louder American songs ever

In 1986, David Lee Roth found himself disconnected from Van Halen, and to celebrate, he wrote a song about wanting to have sex with America.

Night Ranger is always short because it's on the same album as the incredibly amazing power-song Sister Christian

Don Mclean is an eight-minute epic that begins with the plane crash that killed Buddy Holly and ends with the entire history of rock'n'roll

Grand Funk1973 was probably the greatest year in rock'n'roll history and it was the biggest hit of 1973 so, I mean, you do the math

John Cougar This dude hasn't been working since at least the 1980s, but Mellencamp understands small-town America better than anyone.

Tom Petty is hardly jingoistic, American Girl is a sly little mid-'70s about a girl with wanderlust

Bruce Springsteen We all know it is actually a protest song. You won't tell us that. We still like it.

Lyrnyrd Skynyrd has a fairly reasonable argument that the "real" America can't be found in the crowded, noisy cities of our coasts.

Like the Neil Young Springsteen tune, this is another America-centric song that wraps problematic verses around a soaring chorus.