The first is open streaming platform SounCloud, the company has some affinity with Apple, with more than 175 million users

Pledge Music is a platform that has a different approach to developing funding campaigns for albums and musical projects

In the case of Sonos, a company that sells audio playback hardware, Apple will get a company with experience in the world of hi-fi equipment.

Pasha Company was born in 2014 after a joint venture between creative studio ustwo and music industry veteran Phil Hutcheon.

Another mega acquisition would be Vevo, but at the same time and probably least likely, since it would have to convince Google

Disciple Media or Freeform Development Here the author cheats a bit and identifies two companies, since it is difficult for one to position itself when no one has entered the market.

Rhythm, Apple will overcome the specter of Ping, something that all analysts and journalists are bound to mention every time they name an Apple-related social strategy.

Syndicate / Bandsintown, already has important integrated applications focused on concert listings

Audiam is a company founded by Jeff Price that wants to disrupt how streaming services distribute editorial rights.

The idea of buying Bandcamp as an independent and vulnerable figure in the digital music economy may be something that doesn't fit with Apple's culture.