Fans went wild after Harry Styles apparently spat while sitting next to Chris Pine at the Venice Film Festival

The actor, who featured in the acclaimed film Don't Worry Darling, approached his chair and gagged on the actor's lap in front of his girlfriend Olivia Wilde

During the awkward interaction, Chris Pine - who is clapping while Styles sits in his assigned seat next to him

The smiling actor, 42, then gives a look at the popstar Look funny - who's too busy adjusting his jacket and laughing across the room to notice Pine's boisterous reaction

but others are convinced that Pine was just fiddling with his sunglasses, which were between his legs

This is the latest installment in the drama surrounding the actors of Don't Worry Darling

who have created a barrage of gossip ahead of the film's premiere

As if the behind-the-scenes drama on the Don't Worry Darling set during the film's premiere in Venice wasn't awkward enough, a potential new wrinkle has surfaced

In 2021, troubled star Shia LaBeouf was fired from the movie after clashing with Wilde on set. Something that Wild appeared to confirm in an interview