A drop tower suddenly malfunctions at a fair in Mohali, Punjab, India

The circular platform on which the riders sat reached the top of the vertical structure when it suddenly fell to the ground

But a core of the experience Part is the sudden deceleration when the brakes are pulled on the tower's free fall, and the riders are gently pushed back to the ground before being dropped

That didn't happen on Sunday, when Mohali's drop tower violently threw its riders to the ground

The video shows the riders violently falling to the groundJumping, some being pulled from their seats by whiplash

Free fall” is a feature of a drop tower, bringing riders hundreds of feet above the ground before descending to earth at high speed

According to local English-language newspaper Business Standard , about 50 people were on the 50-foot-long ride

TV9 journalist Nikhil Chowdhury tweeted that 16 people were injured and hospitalized after the incident

The Hindustan Times reported that several children involved in the incident were treated at Fortis Hospital. Six and most of the injured suffered neck, back and jaw injuries