BrainFM is a more cerebral approach to functional music that helps the brain relax and focus by creating unique music.

Can enhance original recordings with output quality. The testing phase appears to be over while the team explores the results and nuances of the system.

Amper has been offering its AI music generation services for several years and is one of the most established platforms on the market, thanks to the hype when reality TV star Taryn Southern came on board to help her create her music

using AIVA deep learning algorithms to create the best pieces of music. helps However, what sets him apart is his focus and expertise in the more classical areas of music.

AI Music Production Evoke is probably the most accessible AI tool on the market and requires no prior music experience to use.

Deepjams is a creative tool that helps you create new compositions based on existing material.

Loud, a multiple service that includes a sample store, a community platform, and music maker app JAM, uses its massive catalog of tracks to teach its AI system how music works.

Ecrett, a royalty-free license tool that lets you create your own music and background score by selecting moods, themes and other options.