'The Lion King' is now at a new milestone

The Lion King had an exceptional performance on Broadway in New York.

Brandon A. in New York. McCall is featured as Simba, left, and Pearl Khoeji as Nala.

It holds the title of Broadway's highest-grossing show since "The Phantom of the Opera."

"The Lion King" competes fiercely with "Chicago" for the crown of longest-running show on Broadway.

"The Lion King" is an established show whose revolutionary origins are not easy to forget

Audiences are enjoying the Asian puppets and masks very much through the African performers.

"The Lion King" helped make Taymor the 1st woman to win a Tony Award.

Since the first, there have been 28 productions of "The Lion King" and performed in nine different languages

"The Lion King" is played to 110 million people and more than 100 cities in 21 countries on every continent.