The Weeknd for SZA Re-Record  ‘Die for You’ Remix

Live for it! The Weeknd offered his thoughts on revisiting the remix of his 2017 single “Die For You” with SZA on Tuesday (Nov. 22).

The topic came up when a fan asked about the long-rumored remix of SZA's Starboy -era song.

which was never published. "SZA I know you don't like rumours.

Can you clear this up for us??” the Instagram user asked

To which SZA replied, “Elma it's very old but it exists. I should record it again.

Shirt" songstress deleted her comment, but a screenshot of the exchange caught The Weeknd's attention.

He supported the idea by retweeting it and simply writing "yes please"

Interestingly, the original track recently found a second life due to which it re-emerged as a hit on TikTok.

In a Billboard cover story, SZA finally confirmed that she's ready to release her long-awaited sophomore album, titled SOS, after more than five years since her 2017 debut Ctrl Celebration