EaseUS Video Editor is versatile for audio mixer software

Audacity is a popular free and open source audio mixing software accessible to anyone looking to start editing audio

Adobe Audition is one of the best streaming audio mixer software with amazing features for professional users

WavePad is a complete live audio mixer for Hall and Mac

Logic Pro X is Apple's DAW for systems running macOS

Reaper is a very powerful virtual sound mixer and is less expensive than other alternatives

FL Studio is another music mixing software. Like other top-class DAWs, FL Studio supports multi-track, time stretching and shifting.

Orenaudio is a free audio mixing and editing software that offers both online and desktop versions.

You.DJ is a powerful online music mixer. In this program, you will find all the tools you need to mix music and videos

MP3Cut You use this program to make audio and trim. This app supports more than 300 formats which can almost all music files