Run DMC: We started with a great band that was responsible for giving hip-hop a stable foundation, earning them the nickname of the fathers of the genre.

Public opinion: Part of his influence can be found in his songs, since most of them were criticisms of politics or an aggressive and unvarnished expression, which was not frequent at the time.

Tupac : managed to achieve a reputation that has been maintained over the years and in many countries around the world, leaving a very respectable legacy, despite dying young in a shooting.

Jay Z: Undoubtedly, he is one of the most influential rappers from the 90s to the present day.

Eminem: In his early days he received little support for being white, but his talent has earned him a place as one of the best hip hop singers today.

Snoop Dogg: He is listed as one of the most successful rappers in gangsta rap, highly praised by his fans for his rhymes.

dre : Despite the fact that he currently works as one of the best music producers, his beginning as a hip hop singer was very remarkable and left a great impression on the world.

Ice Cube - NWA, started out as part of Niggas with Attitude, a hip hop group from Comptom that managed to mark a major step in the history of the genre, becoming a legend.