Top 9 Highest-paid Female DJ Musician at the Present Time

9. Deborah De Luca He is an accomplished Italian EDM artist and well-known highly paid DJ.

8.Monika Kruse: He is a 25-year-old famous DJ from Berlin with a successful career in the industry.

7. DJ MANDY The artist is ranked seventh among the highest paid female DJs

6. Amelie Lens She is a Belgian EDM DJ producer and the industry's highest-paid female DJ

5. Anja Snyder This German DJ has been in the industry for a long time, as well as working as a radio host to fame.

4. Alison's Wonderland This Australian DJ has attracted a worldwide audience. He has many reputations as a producer

3. Hwang So-hee Asian A DJ is known as DJ Soda. Highest Earning Female DJ by World Famous Asian DJ

2. NERVO Nervo is a very famous DJ duo of twins from Australia. They have many powerful tracks, which are recognized worldwide

1. Paris Hilton Paris Hilton currently tops the world's highest-paid female DJs. Also world famous as a model, entrepreneur and social media celebrity.