Perhaps the most popular musical instrument of all time, the guitar is recognized worldwide for its great influence on music

In acoustic guitars and some semi-acoustic varieties, the body contains a sounding board and serves to fix the strings.

In electric guitars and basses, the body is a solid piece of wood, usually solid or in the most popular models, because it is light and makes for a very stiff instrument.

The violin has been inscribed in the community as a symbol of classical and orchestral music wherever its form is observed.

The piano is a complex array of instruments and artefacts that go all the way up to modern ballads

The flute dates back to the origins of humanity, being, according to many authors, one of the first instruments used by man from the most primitive ages.

The electric bass guitar is a stringed instrument. Widely used by various modern music genres such as rock, jazz, blues, heavy metal, punk, reggae, ska.

A flute is a wind instrument consisting of a hollow tube made of various types of wood with holes in it.

Accordion is a wind instrument that belongs to the family of mechanical aerophone instruments