If, like us, you are in that vast majority that will not be able to attend any of the shows that will be held to honor the memory of Taylor Hawkins

who passed away on March 25, there is good news

The band will broadcast both events live so if you can't be in London or Los Angeles

Taylor's death forced the band to suspend all activities, so this will be the first time the group has come together on stage after such a heavy loss

with whom they will share the stage throughout the event. Some of the guest artists that we can see at both concerts are Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson from Rush

To make the pain a little more bearable, they will be accompanied by a bunch of superstar friends

he Taylor Hawkins tribute concert will be broadcast live on Pluto TV and on the channels of MTV's YouTube for everyone

that is, next September 3, tune in to the MTV YouTube channel or the Pluto.TV platform at

10:30 am (Colombia/Peru/CDMX time), 11:30 am (Chile/Venezuela time), 12:30 pm (Argentina/Uruguay time)