First we need to configure the pitch correction processor in one of the boxes dedicated to the insertion of the track.

Let's see what we need to take into account to properly configure its parameters

We must configure the range area if we are going to use the processor for more or less high-pitched sound (voice).

Such as a female voice, represented by the "General" tab and an original symbol.

Or conversely, if we are going to use it with more serious words

For example a male voice, we'll configure it to "low", with a bass clef symbol

Maybe there are voices, both male that sing quite high, and female that sing quite low, that are in an intermediate range, so it would be beneficial to try both logarithms and see which gives the best results.

Now after configuring the type of voice we are going to process

The next step is to indicate to the processor the scale we are singing

We also have the possibility to manually override some note options using the various note bypass options displayed on our keyboard.