Traditional methods are based on sequential stages where one stage has to be completed before moving on to the next

It gives rise to documents that allow the correct development and completion of each stage to be verified

This type of development has the advantage that it assigns each stage to all responsible and their superiorsThe

best known methods within this category are Waterfall , Critical Path Method (CPM) and Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM)

This category Project Management Institute consists of methods established by

It follows the five stages of project management described in the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) guide

However, there are many project managers who deny that it is a method, but rather a set of guidelines and rules for project management.

the Agile Manifesto , some elements are valued over others:

9 workers and interactions over processes and tools – A working software on a simple documentation – Cooperating with the client in negotiating a contract – Ability to answer about the ability to follow a set plan