Will Smith says he has 'contacted' Chris Rock about Oscars slap

On Friday, Smith delivered a video pondering the slap - whenever he first has been seen examining it - in which he emphasized his conciliatory sentiment

"Chris, I am sorry to you. My way of behaving was inadmissible," he said.

I wasn't pondering the number of individuals that got injured at that time... There is no essential for me that believes that was the correct method for acting at that time.

Smith made sense of: "I've contacted Chris and the message that returned is that he's not prepared to talk and when he will be, he will connect."

"I need to express sorry to my children and my family for the intensity that I welcomed on us all."

which was made by Smith and his better half Jada Pinkett Smith.

"We had an extraordinary relationship," Smith says. "Tony Rock was my man and this is most likely unsalvageable."

He additionally apologizes to her, their youngsters, and his kindred Academy Award-chosen people in the post.

Smith says later. "I'm human, and I committed an error, and ... I'm making an effort not to consider myself a piece of crap."