What Is The Best Help Desk Software?

What is the best help desk software? A Help Desk software, also called “help desk” or “service desk” (Service Desk) is a program whose function is to resolve user incidents quickly and effectively.

It is a software application that is developed for service people to keep track of their customer requests and as a result, they can deal with customer issues very easily.

This facility provided by the companies to the clients, in turn, increases the interest of the client in the business deals as this software application handles a lot of work for the client.

What is the best help desk software?

Helpdesk software gives your customers access to information about your product and/or services and seeks help when they need it.

Capture customer inquiries through different channels such as phone, chat, email, or social media. Here, these queries would be stored, organized, and then resolved. The software can include things like ticket management, task automation, optimization, and reporting.

Helpdesk software can also function as a knowledge base and forum where customers can search for answers to common questions.

Your help desk team can use help desk software to respond to requests, create an information portal, streamline workflow, measure customer engagement, and perform analytics.

Zendesk Support 

Zendesk Support is probably the best-known HelpDesk software in Spanish. It is a very complete tool that allows the company to communicate with customers through any channel.

This program not only helps to resolve customer incidents but also gives agents the best tools to carry out their work effectively. In addition, it is a customer service software that fits any type of business and is perfectly scalable.

It has 4 plans, the Team is the cheapest ($19 per month), but it has more advanced versions: Team, Professional, Enterprise and Elite.


Give your customer the kind of support they expect from you by choosing eDesk with AI-powered features and powerful integrations, ensuring you support customers faster and increase revenue.

eDesk collects customer interactions from various channels, including your website, social accounts, and marketplaces. Then you store them together in one place: the Dashboard, which is intuitive and easy to use.

In addition to managing your tickets, eDesk also helps resolve them. From live connections and customers to order data from a web store and marketplace, your agents can access product listing, pricing, and shipping data in real-time.

eDesk AI does all the heavy lifting of suggesting answers based on text analysis and previous answers related to similar issues to help your agents. This way, agents don’t have to keep searching for data and typing responses; Just edit and check the answers.

JIRA Service Desk

It is an open-source service developed by Atlassian. The goal of the software is to help users identify, monitor, and address bugs and system failures that may appear during the testing and launch of products and services.

The service center can be run through the cloud. It also includes real-time updates and performance metrics to identify any issues. Finally, JIRA Service Desk can integrate with multiple platforms like Salesforce, Gmail, Slack, and more.


It is an open-source CRM system that provides businesses with a help center to manage meetings, calls, and events. But it also allows you to organize information such as sales, processes, and projects. Because it is an open-source system, it is free for all users and offers several free modules.

And most importantly, it integrates several features for customer management, campaign segmentation, invoice and order management, and data migration.


It is an open-source SaaS-based helpdesk solution. It acts under a particular and effective mechanism and provides customer assistance by automatically converting emails into tickets.

For this, it has a ticket management system that facilitates the issuance of tickets in all shipments and transmissions. It also incorporates a machine learning chatbot tool, which provides quick and efficient responses to customer questions.


FreshDesk is free helpdesk software that incorporates almost all the features of a paid program, including the ability to be used by an unlimited number of agents.

Among the most outstanding functions of this tool are the establishment of different communication channels, automating tasks, analyzing the service provided by agents, etc.

It offers a scalable business solution. You can start with their free plan and expand it as your business grows. Also, you can try all the paid versions for free.


This open-source help desk software offers a collaborative ecosystem for your company that integrates instant messaging, task management, and an integrated CRM, to such an extent that Brexit24 assures us that it will be the only software that we will need in our company. One of its most outstanding advantages is that it can reduce the number of tickets by offering customers instant solutions to their incidents.

Brixit24 collects data from the details of all interactions that occur with customers and establishes ease of communication with them thanks to the multiple channels it offers us.

Its main functions are:

  • Create a collaborative customer service system.
  • Integrate with social media channels.
  • Live chat to improve communication.
  • File sharing options along with queuing and ticket routing.
  • Workflow automation.
  • Mobile application to facilitate user access.
  • Virtual assistant.
  • Routing of incident tickets and queries.
  • More details of Brixit24


If you think it’s time to start implementing solutions, but your budget is limited, these options will significantly improve customer service. This help desk software will be really useful to you and it won’t take long to see the positive impact they will have on your business.

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