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Yamaha C40 Classical Guitar



The Yamaha C40 Classical Guitar is meant with beginners and students in mind, creating the right instrument on which to create up playing technique in comfort. As we’ve come to expect from the experts at Yamaha, the C40 is made to a high standard of quality and comes at a really affordable price.

Yamaha 40 Classical Body Shap :

The C40 features a spruce soundboard, which benefits from the tonewood’s ability to resonate with ease and projects the timbre of the instrument beautifully. Fingerpicked notes ring out with the utmost clarity, guaranteeing an understated yet vibrant dynamic range. the rear and sides are crafted using meranti, which produces a strong mid-range that’s infused with warmth and depth. the mixture of the tonewoods gives the c40 a well-balanced timbre that’s perfect for accessing a good range of tones.

The lightweight design of the guitar makes it very comfortable to wield, and therefore the gently curved sides allow the body to take a seat well when playing during a seated position. The body is finished with an easy yet stylish rosette encircling the soundhole. The guitar has also been coated with an ultra-thin lacquer finish, which protects it, whilst also allowing the woods beneath it to breathe and resonate freely.

Sturdy Neck:

The Yamaha C40 Classical Guitar’s neck is formed of nato, which provides sturdy playing support for executing intricate chords and fingering. Yamaha has also shaped the neck with a slender profile, benefitting players who are still developing finger strength and technique. Paired with the nato may be a rosewood fingerboard to ensure an expensive pity the fingers as you weave your way through compositions.

Solid Hardwear:

Fitted to the body may be a tough rosewood bridge, which anchors each string securely to take care of the intonation and sustain. The headstock is home to high-quality tuning machines that perform the task of upholding tuning integrity with absolute precision. From the instant you tune-up, until the instant your finish playing, you’ll rest assured that the Yamaha C40 Classical Guitar will remain true throughout, encouraging you to develop and flourish with total confidence in your instrument’s ability to stay up with you.

Yamaha C40 Specification:

  • Manufacturer-Yamaha
  • Model-C40 Classical Guitar
  • Top Material-Spruce
  • Back & Side-Meranti
  • Neck Material-Nato
  • Fingerboard Material-Rosewood
  • Body Shape-Classical
  • Guitar Size-Full
  • Number of Strings-6


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