Yamaha CGS

Yamaha CGS Student Classical Guitar Natural 3/4-Size


The Yamaha CGS Classical Guitar may be a great instrument for college kids learning the ins and outs of classical guitar technique. It’s available during a selection of sizes to suits all players. The guitar features a spruce top, meranti back and sides, a nato neck, and a rosewood bridge and fingerboard. Yamaha is legendary for producing great-sounding, budget classical guitars, and therefore the CGS model will reward the learner with years of musical pleasure. Case sold separately.

Yamaha CGS

Yamaha CGS Features:

  • Classical body
  • Meranti body wood
  • Spruce top
  • Dovetail neck joint
  • Nato neck wood
  • Rosewood fretboard and bridge
  • Pearloid tuners
  • Pearloid tuners
  • Chrome hardware
  • N/A
  • UTF natural finish
  • Case sold separately


It is a really nice-looking model with a spruce top, a meranti back and sides, and a nato neck. the primary three strings are nylon; the opposite three are nylon wound with wire. The nylon strings are suitable for beginners since they don’t hurt fingers the maximum amount.

Yamaha CGS

Yamaha CGS Playability:

The small size makes the CGS102A very playable for small kids. it’s lightweight and cozy for teenagers to play, far more so than a 3/4 size and better than a full size.


Yamaha CGS Sound:

Since this is often a little model you can’t compare it to the sound of what you’d get from a full-size guitar, but it’s good for what it’s. It stays in tune well once the nylon strings have settled. (You got to give nylon-stringed guitars a couple of days to stretch out, therefore the strings presumably won’t stay in tune for the primary week approximately, but then, it should be fine).



Yamaha’s guitars generally have outstanding craftsmanship. There are not any apparent flaws, and therefore the guitar features a nice finish. To me, this feels well-made and really solid.

Yamaha CGS


It is a superb little guitar for youngsters, partly because it holds a tune well and features a nice sound. The CGS102A is also an excellent size and price especially for teenagers ages around 5 to eight who are taking lessons.


This particular guitar comes only at a price of 129.99 dollars!!! For buying you can go here – Guitar center

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